Math 27 Fall Semester 2019

Table of Contents


The official text for this course is Linear Algebra (2014). The author is Joshua Hefferon. The publisher is Orthogonal Publishing L3C. A pdf version of this book is available for free at its website. It is also available (and very inexpensive) in print at the College bookstore.

(You can also find a full solution manual there for all exercises in the text. Be sure to read the information on moodle about course homework policies before using those solutions.)

General Game Plan

The basic plan is to study the whole text with the following omissions: We may omit some of the sections that are starred in the table of contents. We will omit most of the "Topics" sections. We may cover little or none of Chapter Five.


A grade of C or better in a math course numbered 25 or higher or placement through the department placement process.

Class Meetings

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at either 10:30 (section 1) or 11:30 (section 2) in Science Center room 264. Please stick to the time for the section you are enrolled in. If you must permanently change sections, do so through the usual add/drop process after talking with me. If you need to occasionally attend the opposite section, please clear it with me ahead of time each time.


Math Clinics are drop-in study sessions run by friendly and knowledgeable upperclassmen every Sunday-Thursday night 7-10pm in SC145 starting the first day of classes. Clinics are a wonderful opportunity to study, do homework, meet/work with classmates, and ask questions about mathematics. Because clinics are drop-in, you are welcome to come and go as you please, but be sure to sign-in when you are there. To make the most of your time at clinic be sure to first try problems on your own, or bring questions you have from your text or lecture. Bringing your textbook and lecture notes is essential because these are helpful resources for both you and the Clinician working with you. There will likely be other students at Clinic with questions for the Clinician, so do not expect to get individual attention the entire time you are at clinic. Be open to working on other problems, thinking about and trying to work through the question you have for the Clinician, working with classmates, or doing other coursework while you wait to speak with the Clinician. For questions about Math Clinics please visit or contact Danielle Ledford, the Academic Support Coordinator for the Math/Stat Department.

In addition to Math Clinic, which is open to all students enrolled in a math course, students enrolled in this Math 27 welcome to attend Linear Algebra Clinic held weekly 7-10pm Sunday nights in SC264. This specialized clinic is the same as described above, but is course specific. All students in attendance will be coming from various sections of Linear Algebra.

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