Math 77 Spring Semester 2020

Table of Contents

Students in this course should consult the moodle pages for this course for complete information. The information available to the general public here is just a small subset of the information on Moodle.

If you are not a student and you want more information about the course, please email me and I will be happy to email back to try to answer your questions.


Our main text will be leinster16_basic_categ_theor. Other references to keep in mind are riehl17:_categ_theor_contex, maclane-categories-2nd, and fong18_seven_sketc_compos. All of these sources except maclane-categories-2nd are freely available online.

General Game Plan

Tentatively, we plan to study our main text leinster16_basic_categ_theor from beginning to end. We will digress when digression seems sensible. We will cover less if we run out of time. We will continue in other sources if we finish leinster16_basic_categ_theor.


MATH 67: Introduction to modern algebra.

Class Meetings

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 in Science Center room 145.


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